Thursday, 17 May 2007

me and andy saved the day!! many things to say, such little space to say them all

turned 20 a few days ago, crikey do i feel old now...i think the reliasation that i sort of have to act more mature than i did before is freaking me out :D...loads of my mates turned up for a gd drinking session which were a reet gd laugh. i never knew that i was so popular, hahah...(head is about to explode)...but really, loads of people came out, even when it was raining outside, raining in bloody may!!

i am a hero!!!...well, me and andy are hero's...andy is a top lad i known for the last couple of years, he can sure smell a carrot!!

right back to how i saved the day...was walkin back from brookes uni towards one of my mates car's for a lift. then i noticed that the car we were gonna be gettin a lift in was moving...not only that, but there were three lads inside of it...was life wtf!!!!

me and my mate andy chased them thorough headington hill park and managed to catch one of them, the other two were fast buggers!!..but we got one of them :D

we phoned pc plod and he came along and arrested the cheeky chav!!! all in all a gd day :D

Thursday, 19 April 2007

im in the mood to smash something!!!

arghh!!..what is up with my bloody phone, it just being a complete arse and not working..!!!

i swear sometimes i think these new mobile phones can actually hear what u say, so if u say something bad about it then they will act pure evil towards u as an act of revenge!!...when i say work, i mean it!!

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

am feelin better but slightly hot and bothered

whooo...i think i have fully recovered from my bad bout of tonsillities, although going out last week was prehaps not the best idea...ah well, you only live once i suppose!

i have decided to ignore all the people in my life who tell me that the reason it is sooo hot right now is because of global warming...i bloomin know its global warming, but hey just enjoy the lovely weather cause it won't be here for long...wait thats a lie, its gonna be here for the next 5 months!! ass-some

oh yeh, have now also come to the conclusion that england are crap at cricket...i know people don't understand the sport and can't understand me for even taking an interest in the sport, but i seem to enjoy watchin england lose...well thats it!!! i've had enough of it, all of it...infact im going to take up ping pong as an alternative ping pong a sport???

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

mum thought is was glandular fever, doctor thought it was tonsillities...I thought I was still hungover!?!

In my previous blog I mentioned that I got very, very drunk on st.patrick's day. Waking up sunday morning I was expecting a hangover, and so I got one. As the following days went by, I still didn't feel myself, may have been the THREE cadbury cream eggs I ate in 2 mins, bad move!

Thursday comes along and I haven't been shot, wish I actually had...I have just come down with an incredibly sore throat and a ragging head-ache...what is worng with me. I infrom the rents of my downfall, but apparently it had been painted all to clear for my mum to see like some sort of bathroom stain-glass window. She knew I was ill, but me, being me, chose to ignore her...mothers eh?

Head up to the doctor's on friday to find out what the bloomin hell is wrong with me. Now by this point, I feel like I am about to collapse...who thought walking from reception to a waiting room could be so much work hard work, I had really done something to myself this time
( im such a spanner)'s confirm its tonsillites and prescribe me some pills to take, not cadbury cream eggs.

Agony, extreme agony!!! I can't eat, I can't drink, I can't talk, I can't even breathe at times, scary i know...I've never had tonsillites before and had always laughed at people who had succumbed to such a horrible disease in the past, oh how Im sorry.

Now this is getting bad, Its been a whole week since I found myself lumbered with this vile creature, how do I get rid of it...I've been drinking honey and lemon, watching match of the day, playing pro and still nothing works...SOMEONE HELP!!!!.....(mum takes me to the hospital)

Back in a hospital for the first time in 3 years and crikey how things how gotten a lot smaller, or maybe that thats me just getting bigger...random yes, moving on.....Sitting around for 6 hours listening to 6 different people giving me a diagnosis on what is wrong with me, 3 nurses, 2 doctors and one old lady (btw happy birthday mum again for last week...she is eeech!!! I won't say as I would feel that this might be my last post)

I end up in a very nice bedroom with a lovely yet sad view of oxford...too many builidings i say, where are the trees?!

It turned out I had an aggressive type of tonsillities which nearly killed me. I still think though it was those bastard cadbury's cream eggs I ate earlier that week which gave me a week of pure do you eat your' answer, I bloody don't!!

Monday, 19 March 2007

note to self: do not mix red wine with foster's

arghhh!!!...sunday morning, day after st.patricks day and crikey did I feel rough...still feelin a bit tipsy now as I type this.

Now to me I've always associated st.patricks day with a lot of guys and gals sitting in a pub and drinking tonnes of my shock horror though, when I ventured into the merry old city of oxford last saturaday and into my local pub (god bless chequers), I was confronted with rows upon rows of chavs. I thought to myself, had I just bumped into a chav-reunited convention or something along those lines, I mean the BLING BLING was bloomin blinding...

now I will be honest, I HATE chavs, as does the rest of society to be quite frank (who's frank), but why were they out on st.patricks day...are chavs irish?

There was one good thing that came out of the evening though, well two things...1) I got very, very drunk 2) I was given this free cool badge. I did'nt know whether I was given it because the bar people thought I did a good job putting up with the chavs or prehaps they thought I was irish...who knows???

Friday, 16 March 2007

give me a gun and let me shoot Louis Van Gaal!!!

Somehow, although it was sadly predictable, my beloved Newcastle managed to throw away a tie that had already been won twice on Tyneside a week ago...for those people who have no idea what im goin on about, newcastle united were knocked out of the UEFA cup last night by a dodgy dutch team that go by the name of AZ..AZ!! what sort of name is that? make matters worse, I had to endure a barrage of texts from my so-called mates, all using predicated texts on their new LG mobiles? (i don't know)..."WE LUV AZ, 0 YH WE DO!!"...

ah well, a sad game, a sad end to a sad season, a sad defence and a sad team. But, and i say BUT!!...I will still cheer them on next time, for I am slighty insane....HOWAY THE LADS!!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

you know you have to much time on your hands when you start typing a blog?!?!

from now on everything i do in my interesting yet simple life will be published for the whole world to read!!..i can see it now, BBC news reporter "geordie has posted a blog, all must read!!"..hmmm, we will see how long i can keep this blog goin for